Bannon's Warroom Updates


Heavy User
Jun 26, 2022
Natalie Winters, executive editor of War Room, speaks with host Steve Bannon about the congressional hearing that examined the collusion between Twitter, Big Tech, and the Intelligence Community in order to destroy Trump and crush conservatives.

“I think if you really drill down, the bigger picture which I think we really got the evidence for today, is the fact that, forget foreign election interference… what we saw today was evidence of domestic election interference, particularly by Big Tech platforms like Twitter, but really colluding with the Intel Community.”

Steve Bannon talks with journalist Darren Beattie about the evidence that the United States blew up the Nord Stream pipeline, despite Russian claims that it blew up its own pipeline for months. In spite of the fact that it never made sense, the Fake News Media ran with the story like obedient puppies. A discussion follows about Hobby Lobby's funding of an ad campaign that appears to be left-leaning, and about a Florida man who was arrested for posting a meme making fun of Hillary Clinton.