Shared Pain of NL and US Farmers, Inflation, Woke Medical Curriculum

Shared Pain of NL and US Farmers, Inflation, Woke Medical Curriculum​

More news not covered by corporate media, 28 July 2022​

Robert W Malone MD, MS

As many of you know, I spent last weekend in Belgium and The Netherlands (Holland). Talk about a whirlwind trip! During this time, I spoke with many about the situation with the WEF 2030 agenda and the farmer protests regarding having their farmlands taken from them, together with other forced draconian measures. There was a strong consensus among those that I spoke with that 1) the people are behind the farmers in this, 2) there is a huge movement within the Netherlands by main stream media to suppress information about these measures and the protests from reaching the people, and 3) because of the information suppression, because of the EU involvement - the government will win this fight.
But what was not mentioned to me was all the details found in the article below. Essentially, the Netherlands is not allowed to build more new, high tech buildings unless some farmers reduce their use of nitrogen. That simple. Basically, this mirrors one of the chief complaints previously voiced by Brexit advocates - arbitrary and capricious EU bureaucrat actions which damage working farmers. From what I can tell, the only available remedy is the same which the Brits eventually deployed. Leave the
However, the devil is in the details, and there are a lot of details!
This article explains it best:

Netherlands: the summer of discontent

Spectator AU, Flat White, July 28, 2022
The Netherlands has descended into an ideological war zone between city-bound bureaucrats trying to polish their climate credentials on the world stage, and local farmers who have been feeding Europe for centuries.
As one farmer said, ‘This is not a democracy anymore: it’s a dictatorship.’
Farmers have set up dozens of blockades on highways by dumping large piles of manure on choke points to cause maximum traffic chaos. Others have taken to setting some of these piles on fire and leaving them to smoulder away, just like citizen anger.
The increase in protest activity began on Wednesday morning and spread across the eastern region of the Netherlands.
‘No farmers – no food!’ Read a sign attached to the front of a tractor. Another said, ‘Sorry for the inconvenience, Rutte IV is driving us to despair.’
Mark Rutte is serving as Prime Minister of the Netherlands for the bizarrely named People’s Freedom Party for Freedom and Democracy. As with the Australian Liberal Party, its adherence to a manifesto declaring a love of free markets and individual liberties is – shall we say – loose. The ‘IV’ part of the insult suggests that the government’s fourth term as a coalition is reminiscent of a ‘rule by decree’ regime, like the European monarchies of old.
It may sound counter-productive for a government to enact policies – such as the limitation of nitrogen oxide and ammonia – that will result in a significant reduction in agricultural output, but that all depends on whether large corporations are waiting to fill the artificial market gap. Or, indeed, if there are politicians present who are foolish enough to believe the glossy brochures promising an Eden-like future in a Net Zero world.
There is another very nasty reason for the treatment of farmers that relates to a 2019 decision. 18,000 construction projects in the Netherlands, collectively worth 14 billion euros, were put at risk of being abandoned after a decision related to nitrogen emissions earlier that May.
According to Reuters:
‘The country’s highest court in May ruled that the way Dutch buildings and farmers dealt with nitrogen emissions was in breach with European laws. This has already caused delays in work on new highways, housing blocks, airports, wind farms, and a range of other vital infrastructure in recent months, while many other projects are also at risk.’
To which Prime Minister Mark Rutte said, ‘This is a huge problem, for which no easy solution exists. We don’t have it under control yet. All options are on the table, without any taboos. But we cannot end this with any grand gesture, we will need a range of measures.’
Essentially, the ruling dictates that you can’t build shiny new inner-city buildings unless you punish a few local farmers. In 2019, ideas to break the deadlock were thrown around, such as reducing speed limits or – controversially – culling livestock on farms. In 2022, this has manifested in a demand to halve livestock.
The formalization of climate plans triggered what has been called the ‘Summer of Discontent’ – although it has been going on for years. There are now urgent attempts being made to mediate between the government and the farmers, but farmers are rightly suspicious of the gesture, given there is no indication that the United Nations, World Economic Forum, or the Dutch government have any intention of deviating from their agricultural-ruining ideology of a 50 per cent reduction by 2030 that has fixated on farmers.

The article concludes with:
This problem came about because the Netherlands, like Australia, has become a breeding ground for extreme far-left green groups (whose members mostly live in the city) and animal rights parties riding the trend of veganism.
The United Nations and World Economic Forum (which really should be re-titled Big Business Lobbying Forum of Nation Ruining Scams) are the main forces behind the push with the latter’s business partners waiting in the wings to mop up the valuable assets of farmers once they go broke.
Back in 2019, the UN began promoting Why nitrogen management is key for climate change mitigation along with the European Nitrogen Assessment. These reports form the central framework of the nitrogen policy which is about to be exported into the UK and other nations such as Australia.
It must be said that all of these European emissions-limiting policies are based on the false premise of a stable, unchanging world. At no point do any of the thousands of pages devoted to the ‘problem of nitrogen’ consider the evolution of the biosphere to absorb and use this abundance of a valuable nutrient. There is no understanding of the developing relationship between nature and humanity where species rise and fall in coexistence with humanity – particularly in farming situations.
The idea that the Earth is a fixed record that must be preserved exactly as it was at an arbitrary point in history is both absurd and impossible, not least of all because the geological forces of the planet prohibit the fantasy.
2.5 billion years ago, a couple of bacteria got together and decided to produce oxygen as a by-product of photosynthesis. This had never happened before. Thriving in their watery ocean world, this oxygen made it into the atmosphere, collided with methane, and triggered a catastrophic ice age that very nearly turned Earth into an icy world.
Can you image the fury of climate warriors if they had been alive?
Except, if anyone had tried to stop this process – wiped out the bacteria to preserve the oxygen-free world or encouraged a few volcanoes to erupt to warm things up – animals would not have been able to evolve to use the oxygen.
When it comes to the planet, the best humans can do is pick up their trash. Unfortunately, the obsession over climate has led to an abandonment of old waste management practices. Soon, we’ll be able to add starvation and poverty to our self-made political disaster.
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So, I suggest that you ask yourself- how did we get here? And what does that have to do with me?
Because under Biden, the USA is also conserving 30-percent of U.S. lands and waters by the year 2030.
Understand - this is not some theoretical, campaign speech, never to emerge from the paper it was written on. The initial report has was written by the following agencies:

Not all states and farmers are amused.
Even tribal nations are saying no.

‘Only a tribe can speak for a tribe’: Q&A with Native conservationists on Biden’s 30 by 30 project

Mongabay News, 22 July 2022

Breaking down Biden’s 30 x 30 plan: What you should know and where the order currently stands

KSN - local news, Kansas Apr 21, 2021 / Updated: Feb 8, 2022
ORD COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – Led by the National Climate Taskforce along with input from other federal agencies, the Biden Administration’s Executive Order on climate change is aimed at reducing pollution, promoting a greener environment, and tackling the climate crisis. But the 30 by 30 plan within that order is raising concern for many Kansas farmers and ranchers, leaving some with more questions than answers.
The 30 by 30 plan, if you’re a farmer, rancher, or landowner — you’ve likely heard about the federal push to conserve 30-percent of U.S. lands and waters by the year 2030. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, right now about 12-percent of the land in the U.S. is in conservation.
Within the next 10 years, the federal government hopes to transition nearly 440 million acres into federal protection.
The USDA reports the nation has nearly 900 million agricultural acres. In Kansas, nearly 46 million farming acres were operated in 2020. To achieve the 30-percent conservation goal some agricultural land could be impacted, this includes privately-owned land. In Kansas, 98-percent of the land is under private ownership.
“Kansas is over 98-percent controlled in private hands, we’re not a state that thinks highly or is encouraged or incentivize by the federal or even state government coming and buying private land,” said Ryan Flickner, Senior Director of Advocacy for the Kansas Farm Bureau.
“It’s not a policy, it’s not law yet, it’s just essentially this executive order — it’s a goal to work towards,” said Kyler Millershaski, Vice President of Kansas Association of Wheat Growers and Fifth Generation Farmer.
The question for landowners, is will they be forced to conserve their land?

‘30 x 30’ — Progressives pushing for massive federal land grab Logo
Your Trusted Source for Ag News & Information (2021)
On first look, the Biden Administration’s “30 x 30” plan looks like a scheme cooked up by Hedley Lamarr, the main villain from Mel Brooks’ “Blazing Saddles.” However, far from the comedic genius of the late Harvey Korman, the new Federal land grab is a serious threat to private property owners in the United States.
And it’s moving fast.
Just a few days into office, President Joe Biden released a flurry of executive orders, among them being through Executive Order 14008, “Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad” (86 Fed. Reg. 7,619), which he signed on Jan. 27. Contained in that order is the “30 x 30” program, a radical and aggressive push forwarded by environmental and climate change activists to put 30 percent of the land and water in the United States under permanent protection by 2030.
But what 30 percent of the land will states and private landowners be forced to hand over? In Nebraska, where 97 percent of the state is privately owned property, that number is especially alarming.

Gates is considered the largest private owner of farmland in the country, as he owns more than 269,000 acres across dozens of states. He continues to gobble up farmland and waterways, as quickly as he can find land and water for sale. One has to wonder if he has cut some sort of deal with the Biden White House and administrative state to help augment the 30 x 30 plan? If so, that would mean if some of the best farmland and the most important waterways in the USA were to be taken out of commission in the near future. Farmland and waterways bought because it was for sale, without any serious thought to the consequences to American families just trying to buy food - when 30% of the land and water in the USA is no longer available to farmers. What does it mean when 30% of the water is not available for drinking or agriculture by 2030? Who knows? I certainly don’t.
Again, this not a big “conspiracy”. This is happening in the USA now. In EIGHT years: Thirty percent of land gone from production, if the democrats remain in office. Thirty percent of waterways gone from production, if the democrats remain in office.
It is increasingly clear that the Biden supervisors are the WEF and the UN. They are directing this. We are rapidly losing our sovereignty to a world government, where multinational corporations and the global elites are in charge.
On the individual level, what can one do?
Just remember the victory gardens that fed more people than farmers did during WWII. WE CAN DO IT.
The time to prepare for food shortages in our futures is now. Own some egg laying chickens, learn to grow food (even hydroponically), if you don’t have land - find a cooperative - where you can lease a plot, keep your food pantry well stocked, buy local and support local markets.
Because our future is not as secure as we think it is.